ASC/CWsWiSE Diversity in Science and Engineering Luncheon


Since 2002, the Applied Superconductivity Conference (ASC) has held a range of events at each conference including networking lunches, talks and workshops. The aim of the program is to embrace the full human potential that could contribute to superconductivity, broaden the ASC activities and be proactive in attracting more women into the research field. This year we are expanding our reach to a wider diversity and invite you to hear our guest speaker, Dr. Laura H. Greene, who is a Francis Eppes Professor of Physics at Florida State University, the Chief Scientist at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and the Incoming President of the American Physical Society (2017). She will share her pathway through superconductivity to become a scientific leader. In her talk, “And, I am a Materials Girl…”, Dr. Greene will explain how broadening our diversity in science, both in people and in subjects, enhances our resources for exploration and discovery in fundamental physics, while also telling about her journey through the wonderfully “seductive and consuming” field of superconductivity where being a physicist is an integral part of what defines her. Registration is required for this event.

Date: Thursday, September 8, 2016
Time:   11:50 a.m. – 1:10 p.m.
Location:  Room 302/303
Fee:  $25

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