The IEEE Max Swerdlow Award for Sustained Service to the Applied Superconductivity Community


This Award recognizes sustained service to the applied superconductivity community that has had a lasting influence on the advancement of the technology either through the demonstration of exceptional service to and leadership within the community, the formulation and promotion of major programs in applied superconductivity or through leadership and management roles in major research organizations.

Eligibility requirements for the Award include sustained activity in the field of applied superconductivity for a minimum of 20 years, irrespective of the field or functions performed, to advance or promote the field of applied superconductivity. Candidates must be living, but can be retired at the time of the Award. The recipient is also expected to attend the international conference at which the Award would be presented. No individual can receive this award more than once.

The Award is named for the late Max Swerdlow. Starting in the 1960′s and continuing for more than 20 years, he served as the Program Manager for Superconductivity at the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR). His office funded the majority of the programs in the USA on superconducting materials and large-scale applications of superconductivity other than those funded by the Department of Energy. Max Swerdlow’s dedication and perseverance in the support of these activities played a crucial role in the maturing of applied superconductivity.

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The recipient of this Award will receive a plaque, an inscribed niobium medallion and a cash award of U.S. $5,000.

Previous Recipients
Dr. Robert Aymar, Prof. Paul C. W. Chu, Dr. James Daley, Mr. Edgar A. Edelsack, Dr. David G. Hawksworth,
Mr. Yoshihiro Kyotani, Prof. Moises Levy, Prof. Horst Rogalla, Mr. Carl H. Rosner, Dr. Bruce P. Strauss,
Dr. David F. Sutter, Prof. Shoji Tanaka, Dr. Harold Weinstock, Sir Martin Wood, and Prof. Luguang Yan

The 2016 Recipient of the IEEE Max Swerdlow Award
for Sustained Service to
the Applied Superconductivity Community

Dr. Richard E. Harris