Plenary Presentations



Monday Plenary, 1PL

Gravity Probe B: Testing General Relativity in Space with Superconductive Gyroscopes
B. Muhlfelder, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA


Tuesday Plenaries, 2PL

Brian Josephson Debates John Bardeen
D.G. McDonald, Boulder, CO, USA

Observations of Josephson’s Effects
J.M. Rowell, Arizona State University, Tucson, AZ, USA

Tuesday Special Session Speakers: Josephson 50th Anniversary

2SEA-01: The Original SQUID
A. Silver, CO, USA

2SEA-02: SQUIDs Then and Now: From SLUGs to Axions
J. Clarke, University of California-Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA

2SEA-03: The Josephson Volt – The First Quantum Electrical Standard
R. Kautz, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder, CO, USA

2SEA-04: Josephson Digital Electronics in the Soviet Union
K.K. Likharev, Stony Brook Unviversity, Stony Brook, NY, USA


Wednesday Plenary, 3PL

Recent Advances in Iron-based Superconductors: Actors are Ready
H. Hosono, Frontier Research Center,Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama, Japan

Thursday Plenary, 4PL

Friday Plenary, 5PL

The Search for New Superconductors from an Applications Perspective
M. Beasley, Geballe Laboratory, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA