Student Poster Session


ASC 2012 has added a student poster session during the Exhibitor Reception on Tuesday October 9, 2012.  It is your opportunity to show your work to participants and prospective employers, plus mingle with other graduate students. Details about the poster session are given further below.  The poster space is limited, you must RSVP.  The poster space will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.


There are sign up sheets for the other student activities (see  These will be at the student desk, which is right next to the regular registration desks beginning Sunday evening. Again, space is limited for these activities, please RSVP.


Information About the Student Poster Session


1. Purpose: To give students a chance to highlight their research; to talk with potential employers; and to network with other students.


2. When: On Tuesday Oct. 9, 2012 during the Exhibitor’s Reception.


3. What type of posters: Students giving poster presentations at ASC can use this poster. Students giving oral presentations can summarize their work in a poster. Students who are not presenting at ASC are welcome to make a poster about their relevant research.


4. Resumes to hand out: Students should bring several copies of their resume to hand out to people who visit their poster.


5. Sign-up procedure: This student poster session is open to all students. However, there are more students than poster spaces. The registration for the student session will be done on a first come – first served basis until the poster space is filled up.


Register before the Conference – up to midnight on Thursday October 4, 2012. Send an email to Sarah Pan with the following information.

a. Name

b. Your university or institution

c. Poster title

d. Indicate whether your poster should be grouped with the Large Scale Session (L); Joint Session (J); Electronics (E); or Materials (M) posters.


At the Conference. You can register at the student desk until 8:00 AM on Tuesday October 9, 2012.


6. Judging: Judges will circulate and select the best posters based on technical content, presentation of the material, and overall visual appeal. Best posters will be awarded ribbons.


7. Poster format: Each horizontal poster board measures 4 ft (height) x 8 ft (width) (115 cm x 240 cm).