Technical Program

The ASC 2012 Conference Organizers occasionally need to make changes to the program. We urge you to check the schedule before and during the conference for last minute changes.

Detailed abstract acceptance notifications to include presentation assignment information were sent to the presenting authors on Monday, June 25, 2012.

Technical Program Information
The first character of the program ID number represents the day of the Conference (Monday [1] thru Friday [5]). The second character (E, L, M or J) denotes the conference area (Electronics, Large Scale, Materials or Joint (Large Scale and Materials)). A, B, C, etc., differentiate the oral sessions on a given day, and a P after the conference area (first letter) indicates a poster session. The final digits denote the order within the session. Example for an oral session: 1EA-01, example for a poster session: 1EPA-01.

If you need to make changes to or withdraw your abstract, please send your request by email. Be sure to reference your abstract control number and your assigned program ID number.

To access the Conference Program, please click here.

To access the Conference Agenda, please click here.

Digital Program Book

The ASC 2012 Organization is pleased to provide a digital program book formatted for viewing on tablets and computers. The PDF document is heavily hyperlinked to provide you with ready access to all program features. Session overview and detail levels are one or two links away from any point in the book. Abstract content is included in this digital book but not in the print version of the program book. Full text-string searching is available, which is complemented by a complete hyperlinked author index.

Acrobat Reader has recently been distributed for both Android and iPhone / iPad.  If you do not have a preferred PDF document viewer, then we recommend that you download the appropriate apps for free at GooglePlay (, ITunes (, or

The Digital Program Book is available here. It is a 7.5 MB PDF file.  Technical content information is current as of October 3, 2012.

Please be sure your browsers and the plug-ins that handle PDFs are up-to-date if you want to view this within your browser. Saving the file to your computer and viewing it separately should overcome any browser viewing problems.