Technical Program & Agenda

The ASC 2018 Conference Organizers & Program Committee occasionally need to make changes to the program. We urge you to check the schedule before and during the conference for last minute changes.

–> Detailed Technical & Conference Program Now Available <–

The first character of the program ID number represents the day of the Conference (Monday [1] thru Friday [5]). The second character (E, L, M, SP, PL) denotes the conference area (Electronics, Large Scale, Materials, Plenary). Or or Po refer to an Oral or Poster session. 1, 2 or 3 represent the morning or afternoon time slots. A, B, C, etc., differentiate the oral sessions on a given day in the morning or afternoon time slot. The final digits denote the order within the session. Examples for a morning, afternoon and late afternoon sessions are 1EOr1A-01, 1EOr2A-01, and 1EOr3A-01; examples for a morning and afternoon poster sessions are 2LPo1A-01 and 2LPo2A-01; 4MPo1A and 4MPo2A.

Poster Boards Numbering: E1 – E56 for Electronics, L1 – L112 for Large Scale and M1 – M52 for Materials. Each poster presentation has been assigned to a poster board number which has been added to the presentation ID, see the additional number in brackets. Examples are: 1EPo2A-02 [E1], 1LPo2B-04 [L14], 1MPo2C-09 [M31].

Click on the image below to open the Schedule at a Glance in PDF format.