Conference & Technical Program

Conference & Technical Program

NOTE: The ASC 2010 Conference Organizers occasionally need to make changes to the program. We urge you to check the schedule before and during the conference for last minute changes.

Technical Program Information
The first character of the program ID number represents the day of the Conference (Monday [1] thru Friday [5]). The second character (E, L, or M) denotes the conference area (Electronics, Large Scale, or Materials). A, B, C or X, Y, Z differentiate the oral sessions on a given day, and P, P1, P2 and P3 differentiate the poster sessions on a given day. For poster sessions, an additional character differentiates the sessions for a given starting time and location. The final digits denote the order within the session.  If a number appears behind a slash, this will indicate the poster board number for the presentation. There are no concurrent poster and oral sessions (except for the oral session number 162, 5EA, on Friday morning).

If you need to make additions or changes to your abstract, please send your request by email. Be sure to reference your abstract control number and your assigned program ID number.

If you need to withdraw your abstract from the conference program, please submit your request by email.  Your request must include your abstract control and program ID number.

To access the Conference Program, please click here.

To access the Conference Agenda, please click here.