Board Elections

Board Elections

The ASC is run by a board of directors, the majority of whom are elected by participants at the conference. Each conference two representatives form each of the areas of Electronics, Materials and Large Scale are elected for a six-year term. Suggestions or volunteers for candidates to run for the Board are solicited. Persons submitting a petition before the indicated deadline signed by ten people who have attended either of the last two conferences will be placed on the ballot.

Inquiries or submissions should be sent to:

Elie Track
7008 Camrose Crossing
Matthews, NC 28104
Phone: 914-953-2069

**The nominations process is closed and the nominations committee has contacted candidates and finalized the election votes.**

The Candidates running in the ASC Board Election in Washington, DC are as follows:


Michael Parizh - Philips
Antonio della Corte - ENEA
Giorgio Ambrosio - FNAL
Al Zeller - MSU
Shlomo Caspi - LBL

The new elected board members are: Antonio della Corte and Al Zeller.


Emanuela Barzi - FNAL
Mike Osofsky - NRL
Rene Flükiger - UNIGE
Teruo Izumi - ISTEC

The new elected board members are: Mike Osofsky and Rene Flükiger.


Art Lichtenberger - University of Virginia
Deep Gupta - Hypres
Akira Fujimaki - Nagoya University

The new elected board members are: Deepnaryan (Deep) Gupta and Akira Fujimaki.