Ascinc.org will have a permanent web-page on superconductivity outreach. We are starting from scratch with the 2020 Applied Superconductivity Conference and will continuously update with new materials.

This webpage is designed to provide for non-specialist audiences information about the science of superconductivity and about its various applications. There are lectures on basics of superconductivity and applications, films demonstrating the science underpinning superconductivity from basic electromagnetism to magnetic levitation and what technologies superconductors enable, interviews with people who work on and with superconductors, and other audiovisual items.

For Contributors:
If you have materials that you would like to have included on this webpage or to have a link embedded, please contact: kmueller@uh.edu. These materials could include videos on aspects of the science of superconductivity, on an application or a product, or they could be a short recitation from you on why you became a scientist or engineer, on some important or amusing (or both) adventure in your career, or whatever else you might think appropriate. If you would like, Karoline would be more than pleased to conduct an interview-style conversation via Internet with you on whatever topics you would choose to have included on the outreach site.

Thanks so much!

  Jim Meen, Outreach Chair Karoline Mueller, Outreach Co-Chair
  jmeen@uh.edu kmueller@uh.edu